Open Technologies

We believe in the power of open technologies which can make an impact on humans life, create new opportunities for companies, governments, NGOs and media organisations.

Solving Challenges

Open technologies and Inspire involvement are ways to solve the biggest challenges of our World.

Opennes and Big Thinking

We empowered technologists and creators to make an impact by working on the next-generation technologies and platforms, being part of an innovative, growing company that is building the tomorrow's World.

Backing the Open World

We are involved in the Open World community in loads of different ways. Inspire is always looking for ways to support technology development, online services and developers. We're open for innovators - we're supporting projects and groups.

Driven by founder's innovative vision

Inspire is driven by founder Dawid Wiktor's innovative vision to create software platforms, solutions, next-generation technologies and support to build better World and change the people's life.

Dawid Wiktor

CEO, Founder

Working at Inspire and contributing to our projects is a passionate way. Inspire is not just a place of work but it's an inspiring company empowered by creative people, passionate technologists and innovators. Different thinking, innovative vision, passion and creative people are keys to develop the best technologies and platforms for human beings.

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Inspire founder & CEO Dawid Wiktor: Emerging technologies will impact on many industries

"The future of driverless cars and autonomous vehicles instead of the vehicles operated by humans is coming.", says Inspire founder & CEO Dawid Wiktor.

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Inspire Cloud Platform

Scalable, reliable and first-class cloud is needed in helping enterprises, software distributors and service providers to succeed.

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