Highly distributed edge computing platform.

Inspire Edge Platform delivers highly distributed edge computing orchestration platform perfect for telecoms, datacenters, government, big data and many other industries.

Deploy everywhere.

Inspire Edge Platform provides platform that can be deployed everywhere. It provides support for container technologies, virtual machines and bare metal.

Changing paradigm of communications.

Inspire Edge Platform comprises sensor and connected devices to communicate with a gateway device, instead of the cloud or server. If there is a problem with one of connected devices, the network will remain operational because of its standalone architecture.

Perfect for 5G cellular networks.

With Inspire Edge Platform it is possible for telecoms to build 5G into wireless networks they will add micro-data centers that are integrated into 5G towers or located adjacent to 5G towers.

Economical platform.

Inspire Edge Platform is a technology that is less expensive by utilizing a gateway device and regarding data management.

Many capabilities.

Inspire Edge Platform capabilities include: the ability to perform a distributed environment, an operating paradigm across diverse infrastructures, methods to address applications with low latency requirements (such as VR and AR), application orchestration and integration, and many more.

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