When Future meets Inspiration

Inspire Leopard is a modern, fast, secure, intuitive and lighweight web browser for the 21st Century. Leopard brings you more privacy, safety and speed.

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Faster than you think

We work on Leopard to provide the ultra-fast browser for the modern Web. You can switch between tabs, opening, getting results from the search bar faster than ever. Leopard's speed is one of our the most important priorities.

Safer. Better. Privacy in Mind

Leopard brings improvements to protect you, your private sphere and your data, so you don't need to think about data leaks, tracking and phishing - Leopard will prevent it. We never collect your private data, preferences and search inquiries.

Internet without Ads

To many ads on websites? That's true. With built-in ads blocker, Leopard can block ads for you, so you can stay focused on the content. We believe that the Web is your Web and you should have a right to choose to see or not see ads.

Tabs and Tasks. Instant search

Manage your tabs easily and intuitive without loosing your place and space. You can view your tabs or split them into groups known as tasks. The Instant Search answers your questions quickly and you can jump to any website immediately and search the content of websites you visit.

The Web is for people, so it's for you too

You spend a lot of time of your digital life on the Internet and you need a perfect, personal web browser for your needs. That is Leopard. The web browser made for you.

Backed by Inspire

Driven by innovative vision, Inspire is a growing technology vendor that fully respects your rights to the open Web, safety and privacy.