, a modern social media platform, is now part of the Inspire Network of Companies and Projects (INCP)

August 6, 2017

Inspire, the open technologies maker and distributor, today announced that, a modern social media platform, joins Inspire Network of Companies and Projects. Inspire will be able to deliver a modern social media and micro-blogging platform for anyone and deliver the highest levels of service value to customers and users.

Currently, the social media networks are broken and we need to fix this issue. A social network should be like a society where everyone is treated fairly. The is an open place for civil argumentation and discussion. At Inspire, we believe that the Web is for sharing views and thoughts, open discussion and accelerating innovations and creations.
Dawid Wiktor, founder and CEO, Inspire

By joining the network of companies, platforms and other projects, has an access to all resources required to increase the platform popularity. With as a part of INCP, Inspire will be able to better enable digital transformation of people's lives and deliver modern, unbiased and open social media platform for individuals and organisations.

With as a part of Inspire Network of Companies and Projects, Inspire will focus on the social networking and connecting people through social media and publishing platforms.

About Inspire

Inspire is a global technology vendor commited to the development, distribution and promotion of open technologies, providing technical support and accelerating innovations. The company is powered by creative people, passionate technologists and innovators and is driven by innovative vision.
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About is the politically unbiased modern social media network.
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